Best of the Blogs – 2017 ShopKey Pro Tips & Tricks

Happy New Year from ShopKey! As another busy year has gone by, I’d like to take a moment to revisit some oh-so-helpful tips and tricks written by our editors. I have rounded up some of our most powerful time-savers and put them into this quick, easy-to-reference list. Using these tips in your repair information lookup and overall diagnostic process is a great way to improve efficiency and your bottom line.

If you haven’t noticed yet, we have recently made and will be making more changes to ShopKey Pro, so please continue checking back here for the latest time-saving ShopKey Pro tips and tricks.

Series of 5 Ways SureTrack blog post: 

Learn more about the SureTrack, real-world Information, and how you can use it to make yourself more efficient at diagnostics:

Saving Time with ShopKey Pro’s Breadcrumb

As a child, did you ever read Hansel and Gretel? If you didn’t, let me tell you a story about two children who went on an adventure into the forest. They began to leave small pieces of bread behind them as they navigated through the forest in hopes they would later be able to follow the breadcrumbs home. This blog post explains how we have adapted the same concept into ShopKey Pro – and how it helps you.

The 5Ws of TSBs in Auto Repair Information

Although as professionals you may be fully aware of TSBs, sometimes it is important to go back to the basics and be reminded where to find them and why you should keep them in mind. Learn more about who uses TSBs, where you can find them in ShopKey Pro, when they are available and how you benefit from using them.