ShopKey Pro Updates – May 24, 2018

Vehicle Trend Analysis

When viewing the Maintenance module, ShopKey Pro now has exclusive vehicle trend information available in the Consumer Report printout. Based on repair orders, the vehicle trend information shows users the components most frequently replaced within ± 7500 miles of the selected maintenance mileage interval. There may be items on the vehicle trend list that would provide an opportunity for additional inspection to ensure the component is operating properly.

The Vehicle Trend Analysis information is viewed as part of the Consumer Report maintenance printout.

ShopKey Pro Maintenance Module Consumer Report Printout

Figure 1: Within the Maintenance module, select Consumer Reports to view Vehicle Trend Analysis

Vehicle Trend Analysis Top 10 Component Failures Screenshot

Figure 2: Vehicle Trend Analysis for a 2010 Chevrolet Tahoe 5.3L with 100,000 miles