ShopKey Pro Updates – April 2018

What’s new in the current release?

Component Test Quick Link:  A new Component Test Quick Link has been added to the Quick Link Ribbon, giving you immediate access to the exclusive information you need to efficiently diagnose a component. You’ll find component location, best test location, connector end-view diagrams and specific tests that help you isolate the issue along with known good waveforms for comparison.

Figure 1 – Component Test Quick Link

Once you navigate into the Component Test Quick Link, information is organized by system.  This is the same navigation as on the Snap-on Diagnostic platforms. Also, test procedures are written with market-leading Snap-on Diagnostics platforms as the example of diagnostic test equipment.

Back Arrow on Breadcrumb Navigation: A back arrow has been added to all breadcrumb navigation trails in the product.  This back arrow helps guide you as you open and navigate within articles in 1Search Plus.  The back arrow will navigate you back one step on the breadcrumb trail or back to your previous navigation point if you’re at the beginning of your breadcrumb trail.

Figure 3 – Breadcrumb Trail with Back Arrow

Eight character license plate lookup:  We’ve added an extra entry digit to our exclusive Plate-to-VIN feature for identifying your vehicle based on some vanity plate configurations within certain states.   See our blog post for more information about how to use Plate-to-VIN to identify a vehicle.

Note – Full product subscribers to ShopKey Pro receive these features.  If you are using the technician version of ShopKey Pro, you may not have access to the new feature set.