ShopKey Pro Update: Enhanced Estimate Guide

ShopKey Pro UpdateWhat’s new in the current release?

The ShopKey® Pro Estimate Guide has been overhauled to optimize your experience when building an estimate. Using the same category organization that you’re familiar with, ShopKey Pro now brings together labor times, OEM parts pricing and part diagrams viewable in a single page – making it simpler and faster to navigate directly to the auto repair information you need.

Here’s what it looks like in the software:

Figure 1: View labor times, OEM parts pricing and parts diagrams on the same screen.

Estimate Guide Improvements include:

  • Streamlined navigation throughout the Estimate Guide module to reduce clicks needed to access items.
  • Labor times, OEM parts pricing and parts diagrams viewable on a single page.
  • New breadcrumb function to navigate to previous categories quickly.
  • Improved display of maintenance and fluids information including updated labels, auto-expand capability, search and mileage interval display.
  • Ability to add or subtract part quantities to the quote with a single click.
  • Indicator appears when new items are added to the quote, for easier tracking of completed items while writing a quote.
  • Increased download speed and faster delivery of information.

The ShopKey Pro Estimate Guide is integrated with the ShopKey® Shop Management software, giving shops instant access to maintenance schedules, TSBs, recalls, tracking and industry-leading labor guides directly from the system’s dashboard.

Service writers and shop managers will benefit from having labor times, OEM parts pricing and part diagrams consolidated on a single page, making it faster to find the information and elements needed to kick off the repair process with an estimate that paves the way for an efficient, profitable job.