Why Use the SureTrack Community?

You’ve heard the saying the “two heads are better than one.” Well, how about thousands of heads – specifically heads of professional auto repair technicians filled with years of knowledge about fixing vehicles?

The SureTrack Community is a collaborative, online tool in our ShopKey Pro auto repair information software that you can use to ask and answer diagnostic questions and exchange ideas with automotive experts. The members are professional technicians, just like you, and they are working on the same vehicles, seeing the same issues as you are.

Why participate in the SureTrack Community? First, the collective experience and expertise of the community members can be a very powerful resource for technicians of any skill level. Let’s say you have a difficult-to-diagnose vehicle in your bay. You’ve tried everything you know and you still can’t find the root of the issue. Present your dilemma to the Community and ask any questions about specific details that are especially puzzling. There is a good chance that someone else out there has solved this same problem, or has ideas based on experience working on similar diagnostic issues. And the best part is that responses often come just a few minutes after you’ve posted your question.


You can learn a lot in the Community, but your experience can also help others. You can answer questions from members and also post tips based on your experience fixing vehicles. So why take the time to answer questions from community members or submit a tip? Not only does it feel great to help out a fellow technician who is struggling for answers, but it also helps build up the content of solutions in the Community, making it more valuable with every tip contributed. Members often post tips when they’ve figured out a solution on their own and want to share their “victory” with others, steering them down the correct path and away from time-wasting diagnostic detours.

If you answer more questions than you ask in the Community, you still learn something with each posting. Someone else may have a surprising new perspective on how to approach a problem. This exchange of information is pure gold. And if you get more benefit from the Community than you put in, well that’s OK, too. Your questions bring value and the answers they generate help keep the Community growing and thriving.