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Real Fixes from ShopKey’s SureTrack® expert information resource are documented issues from actual shop repair orders and community discussions. Read on to see how SureTrack can help you correct issues that are not easily diagnosed using OEM information alone. SureTrack is currently available free with the purchase of a current Snap-on® diagnostic software version or in our ShopKey Pro product.

Here’s another case of a customer complaining that their car won’t start, but it’s actually because the battery is below the required voltage. In this case the battery wasn’t faulty so it’s either not being charged properly or something is draining it. Follow this Real Fix to see how a parasitic draw was tracked down and repaired on this Mercedes-Benz C300.

2008 Mercedes-Benz C300 4Matic 3.0L

Engine Does Not Start, Replaced Seat Adjuster Switch

The customer states the engine will not start.

Confirmed the customer’s complaint and found the engine did not start. Performed a visual inspection of the battery and battery terminal, but found no obvious faults. Used a multi-meter to measure the voltage across the battery terminals and found the measured voltage was below the specified range. Connected a battery charger to the battery and charged the battery. Used a battery conductance tester to test the battery and found the battery was able to conduct the specified amount of current, which verified there were no faults with the battery. Connected an inductive ammeter around the negative battery cable to measure the parasitic draw on the battery and found the measured excessive parasitic draw was no longer present when the seat adjuster fuse was removed. Disconnected the seat adjuster switch connector, visually inspected the connector and terminals and found no obvious signs of damage. Used the multi-meter to check for continuity across the seat adjuster switch and found the switch had continuity when none of the seat adjuster switch buttons were depressed. The results of these tests verified the seat adjuster switch was faulty.

Replaced the seat adjuster switch and verified the vehicle operated properly. The customer’s concern did not return.

SureTrack® adds to the power of ShopKey Pro with an exclusive combination of expert knowledge and detailed parts replacement records, all wrapped in an interactive community. Designed to help automotive shops increase accuracy and efficiency from diagnosis to completed repair, the industry’s most comprehensive repair information resource is just a few clicks away.

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