SureTrack Real Fix: Electric Steering

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Seemingly gone are the days of good old-fashioned hydraulic power steering. Now cars, and even some trucks, have electric power steering where some sort of electric motor assists the steering. Follow this real fix to see how inoperative power steering on this Saturn Ion was diagnosed and repaired.

2006 Saturn Ion 2 2.2L

Code C0475, Power Steering Inoperative, Replaced Steering Column

The customer states the power steering is inoperative. The customer also states the anti-lock brake system (ABS) light is on.

Confirmed the customer’s complaint and found the power steering was inoperative. Connected a scan tool and found code C0475 – Electric Steering Motor Circuit. With the engine at idle, monitored live scan tool data while attempting to turn the steering wheel from left to right and found the electric steering motor parameter was fixed. Performed an inspection of the electric steering motor wiring harness and connector and detected no obvious faults. With the ignition on and the engine off, used a multi-meter to check for the presence of voltage and ground at the electric steering motor connector and found both were present, indicating the electric steering motor was faulty. The electric steering motor is integrated into the steering column and is replaced as an entire unit.

Replaced the steering column and verified the vehicle operated properly. The customer’s concern did not return.

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